Thursday, June 19, 2008

the legacy live on

It was a sad and somber day at St. Albans High, as if somebody had died... of course, we are at the wake of Tim Russert.

People are deeply sad, some are crying, some still stunned but every one is demonstrating a calm composure of their emotions that Tim exercised every Sunday on 'Meet the Press' and probably every day at work or at home.

We stood beside the casket and prayed for his soul hoping that God will grant him a place in his heaven not because of what faith group he belonged to but because of what he did for his fellow being.

God must be rewarding him for his compassion, love, respect, honer and the sense of decency he reminded us of and the love he gave to all the people he managed to touch. And what about his mentoring his patriotism his willingness to make a difference for the common man? I'm sure God must be rewarding him with His blessings.

There is a lot to learn from what Tim Russert has left behind, maybe some were already trying many of the things that Tim did, but at least now they know what to call it.

Give thanks.

Tim Russert's death is a wakeup call for everyone - Marney Rich Keenan

Timothy John Russert

Tim Russert remembered

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A salute to Tim Russert - the epithomy of fatherhood and broadcast journalism

Since quite some time I had been working on a new program concept, something different, a concept that can capture the entire humanity in one single shot - something that would really touch the hearts and minds of people across borders, real-life story telling embedded with objectivity and ingenuity aiming to cater to a national as well as a wider international audience.

Once the project approached its final stages, I asked myself, who in the world would want to run this? Who would agree to put this on their air-waves?

I don't know why, but just out of the blue, Tim Russerts name popped out of nowhere.

I thought to myself, Yes, this is it, Tim is the only journalist in this entire world, who will not only understand but could also make a lot of sense out of this program concept, he could, just like me see it as a need of the times.

Then the pessimistic side of our inner voice said to me, Na, why in the world would Tim Russert want to see me. Even though I convinced myself that I'd approach Tim just like how I approach all other subjects of my stories, simply pick up the phone and call him, try to talk to him. But I thought he would just brush me away... and thats where I had it all wrong.

Because besides millions of beautiful and thought provoking words that Tim spoke every day on the air and off it, 3 of them were, "be prepared, be polite, and always ask tough questions".

Asking the tough questions, will lead you to balance, and thats what I get out of it.

But with Tim, I failed to do just that. I didn't pick up the phone and call him.

Now, on this Fathers day weekend of June 2008, Tim Russert has left this world, to be pursued only by his legacy thats forever engraved in the hearts and minds of millions of people.

He finally went home, as some would say, because he tirelessly worked his heart out, and this can also be taken literally, considering that he died while he was working.

Some have also said that because of his sudden and tragic death Tim Russert has left a void in the world of broadcast journalism and in the world of Fatherhood and family and honest love. But some are also saying that, Tim Russerts legacy, are You, the People, for whom he spent everyday of his life, informing and educating and mobilizing and raising the bar by asking those questions that are of utmost importance to us all.

I tell myself, what a big mistake I made, I could've at least tried to call him, maybe he would've agreed to talk. I'm in DC , hes in DC, maybe I could've convinced the legend to have a cup of coffee with me, or maybe forget everything... I could've instead interviewed him. We've tried and toiled for years and succeeded in getting many opportunities to sit down one on one and interview so many other great people who've shared their experiences and adventures both on and off the camera, then why not Tim Russert, the king of straight talk.

Now... its to late, I was sidelined by own own fears by taking him as an unreachable man, when all that he ever did, was to reach out to people, everyday.

We should learn to make the best of every single moment that we got, and try to do all the things that we possibly can, everyday, and make time to do all that.

Because you never know, which day, is your last one.

This is what, Tim would've said.

In the memory of a father, a son, a husband and a dad, and the epithomy of broadcast journalism
Timothy J. Russert 1950 - 2008


Memory recall and a lesson for journalists:

When Tim Russert was named host of "Meet the Press'' in 1991, Russert called the show's founder, Lawrence E. Spivak, then 91, and asked for advice. Spivak replied: "It's simple. Learn as much as you can about your guests' positions on the issues, and then take the other side. If you do that faithfully every Sunday, you'll always have balance.''

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