Saturday, April 19, 2008

Still searching for Naveed ...

Administrators called in to CD firm

I'm still coming to grips with all this and trying to understand what happened here? Comprehension has left me and all others on this one, we are stunned by this but still trying to figure out how and why all this took place? I hope they are okay.

ADMINISTRATORS have been called into one of the largest CD brokerage companies in the UK following a year-long police investigation into a £5m music piracy racket.

Joint administrators Greg Palfrey and Steve Adshead, from Smith and Williamson, are currently going through the assets of Hatfield company SFH (UK) to see what can be salvaged for sale.

Mr Palfrey said: "We have been appointed to try and recover value from assets which will be distributed to creditors in the usual way.

"Investigations are ongoing.

"We will write to creditors once we know the full picture about the amount of money that we can realise for them.

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