Monday, April 09, 2007

A 21st Century Imam

Imam Johari Abdul Majid - An American Imam

Imam Johari from Falls Church VA is also known as a 21st century Imam. Besides being a graduate of Chemistry and Genetics from Howard University, he is a scholar, an activist, a humanitarian, a Chaplain, a social worker, a community leader, a musician and an avid golfer. He says Golf reminds him of Paradise and in these trying times for Muslims; it gives him piece of mind. Imam Johari is also teaching Introduction to Islam at Northern Virginia community college and emphasizes on the role and importance of education.
Community members say that without Imam Johari it would’ve been difficult for them to deal with issues like domestic violence within Muslim families in America because the Imam talks to the people like a brother, a father, a son and most important of all, as a friend.
Imran Siddiqui
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