Friday, June 17, 2005

Lets co exist!

How can we keep an innocent man locked up in the prison for 22 years, not knowing nor realizing that he hasn’t committed any crime? Imagine how much of unfairness this world has seen, how many times man has hurt another man so bad, that even the sky witnessing all this taking place, couldn’t even shed a single tear. It embarrasses me to be a part of the human race at times, and that’s mostly, but had I not been a member of the human kind, most probably I might have been eaten by another man.I don’t know what it is, but there is something there, you can hear it breathing down your nostrils but you just can’t seem to see it… but that doesn’t mean it does not exist.
Pity, sympathy, love, care, affection, what ever that you may try to give, somehow pain is what one usually gets in return, as if man kind was bound to be unthankful, and that’s why the Prophets got sent, to teach human beings the difference between unfair and the just and to keep reminding us how unforgetful and unthankful we are as a race.
It’s a strange world we live in, I tell you this, so twisted that roots of a thousand year old tree would seem normal. And yet we live, and survive and thrive and die within the boundaries of the same trilthillion year old world of coexistence, without even realizing that we exist because of each others reflection.The reason is simple; we need to see here and there at the same time, that’s why the sky was given to us as an open window, from where we can observe or pass through, transit the feelings of co existence and the beyond. To be able to feel it travel through our bones, so that once when you have died and gone, life out there won’t seem like a shock, but instead you should be feeling like what you feel when you arrive at a new airport in a new city.
Within the same old bithillion sub universal never ending co existence, You land, you transit by going through the required procedures and once cleared, you walk out through the door in to a brand new place…

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A revolution in the making!

At times one feels that our country desperately needs a revolution, or would it be better to say that we need to be hit hard or struck right in the middle of our senses to be able to wake up from this sleepy reality we call home. The growth rate is going fine, investments are comming in, the economy seems to be doing really good, yet people are scared to actually go inside mosques to pray because no one knows which mosque is the next target for God knows who??
I still remember the times when we use to leave our home doors unlocked, nowadays people avoid carrying anyting expensive or valuable. If some one sees you with a new cell phone the first comment you get is " Oh my god, hide this man, do you want to get shot?" You cant blame them, no one knows, when and where somebody on a motor bike will just show up with a gun and ask you to hand over everything you have or he will simply press the trigger and shoot. One precious life with family members to feed, completely wasted, just like that, with a bullet that does not even cost 10 bucks.
Instead of shooting great documentaries or creative music videos, or historical depictions of how many sacrifices our forefathers have given just to be able to live happily on this land ...we are just shooting one another, at point blank.
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