Saturday, March 25, 2006


God forbid… but what if an Earthquake hits Karachi or Lahore?

Are we ready to face another calamity of such a scale that hit Pakistan on October 8th 2005? According to the current scenario we are definitely not even close to being ready.

We were never ready before and neither are we now? Whatever the Government can do is another story but it’s about time that the Pakistani intelligentsia and the people of Pakistan start doing some thing about it.

We need to hook up with international seismological societies and find out ways on how to save our families and millions of others at risk. Does anybody care that Islamabad and the areas beyond lie on the fault line?

The Pakistan seismological society, that’s if there is one, and the likes should be in red alert mode and should be thinking about what precautions can we take to protect the innocent people and their livelihoods incase another calamity hits Pakistan.

We can’t afford to loose the children of our country once again because without them Pakistan does not have a future.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Rise Pakistan

Imagine what it takes

It’s so sad that it took some stupid cartoons to wake all the Muslims of the world to go out on the streets and condemn and reply and fight to serve that as an answer to the controversy. I think the answer is that we are all isolated within the isolation, especially the Pakistanis because we are a product of a broken land which was ruled after that by dictators and drunkards who didn’t know how to run it. And to hide all of that we were kept under fear and intimidation and chaos so that we can be negatively brainwashed for the long haul.

People who would like to define terrorism say that we should involve the local people in reaching out the local mindsets so that they could be helped to work within their own respective grass root levels and thus bring about a large scale positive change. But the same people ask me that when Mosaad strikes its targets in Palestine and innocent women and children get killed, would that be also classified as terrorism.

The reply came from Kamal Nawash, and a very good one. He said that he knows what I’m saying as he was born in Bethlehem; he is an American Palestinians who moved to the states with his family when he was 9. He knows how it feels to be a Palestinian in Palestine. But that does not mean that he should pack a bomb around his body, get on a bus and blow himself up killing innocent women and children?. Doing exactly what he had been condemning. No... its not right. Otherwise then, what’s the difference between blaming someone for the same crimes that you yourself perform, either in initiation or in retaliation.

That’s why I want to reach the young minds of Pakistan; I don’t want anything to do with the current leaders. They have been poisoned, just like how we are, at times, pre-judging something that we don’t even know anything about. Maybe we can put some fresh thoughts in the young pure minds of our youth so that they can lead the country and its people in a better direction.

Muslims, as social and conscious human beings should also denounce cowardly acts committed by Muslims, like killing innocence people, just like how Muslims condemn some stupid Danish cartoons against their symbol of faith. Otherwise it looks like a huge double standard on the side of the Muslims. How many Muslims came out on the streets when September 11 took place or when Muslims died in Bosnia? Do we feel the loss of life? Did we feel anything real when that catastrophic earthquake hit Pakistan? People are still dieing out there, even now… and the saddest part is that we still don’t care.
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