Saturday, February 11, 2006

Insulting others wont take anyone anywhere

I know you can’t believe it just like how I can’t along with millions of others. But the fact is that this has been going on since the Prophets time (peace be upon him).

The solution lies in helping the west and other non Muslims learn and know what true Islam is all about. WE FEAR WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW. The newspapers in Europe reprinted those cartoons to publicize themselves and they are succeeding in that.

It’s up to us and our intelligent decision making sense that we reply to this as professionally as possible. Muslims will never go out and do that to Jesus or to Moses or to Abraham because they believe in them. The difference is that no other religion believes in Mohammad (peace be upon him) even though he was mentioned clearly in Torah and in the Bible untill the new versions took over the human mindset. You cannot recreate or rewrite the words of God... people.

This is just how humans tend to destroy themselves by their own stupidities. We cant deny facts and the fact is that, that day is getting closer when foolish humans will extinct themselves just like how so many of them have lived and died, and then vanished... in the past.

I only hope that the young ones wake up to the sound of their God's calling and try to make sense out of all this.
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